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Moonwalker 9'8" Surfboard

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Sean Surfboards Moonwalker- Blue/Yellow

Length: 9'8"

Width: 23"

Thickness: 3 1/8"

My favorite shape for traditional longboarding and noseriding.  Nose concave runs 1/3 of the board length for optimal tip time.  Most of the rocker is in the tail to aid with noseriding.  Moon tail keeps the wide points of a square tail for good hold, while having less foam in the middle which greatly helps in turning the board and pivoting off of each point.  

This blank has a beautiful t-band stringer down the middle, with 2 offset glue cuts for the clean lines.  

Resin tint top and bottom, with additional resin color stripes on the desk, and resin pinlines.  The tips of the moontail are made with recycled resin, shaped and fitted perfectly to the tail to replace the foam tips that often get worn first on a moon tails. 

Handcrafted from start to finish by one set of hands....

Note: This surfboard is available for in-store pickup or free delivery in San Diego County

Please call 760-597-8738

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The following surfboard is only availablle for pickup in our San Diego shop location.

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