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Your favorite stickers are back in stock! New additions include Pat Curren and The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun!

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Poster Printing


Another service that we like to offer is poster printing.
If you are looking for that 1960’s concert style poster, screen printing is the way to go. You can’t beat the way a screen printed poster looks and feels, when compared to a digitally printed poster.

We prefer to use our water based inks for their environmentally friendly qualities, however plastisol inks work on poster stock as well.

As for the paper, we recommend using stock from French Paper Co. Their products are of high quality, great colors, and supreme printability with screen printing, while being very coat effective.  
Please check out their website to see what paper style fits your fancy.

Screen Printing is a very versatile form of printing, and because of this we do not limit the printing stock to just that of paper. We have printed on chipboard, cardboard, canvas, and other various pieces of wood. Keep in mind that the printing quality may vary on the different mediums printed on.

Size limitations are the same for garment printing. The widest we can print is 17″, and the tallest we can print is 22″. Pricing is based off the size of the paper that will be used.

Because screen printing posters is a bit more delicate and time consuming, the pricing is a bit different than textile printing. We include the cost of standard French Paper stock into the price of your prints.  Please inquire about any specialty paper that you may wish to use for your project.  

Poster Printing

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