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Sock Printing

Sock Printing

We have recently added this service to our shop and are excited to offer it to our customers.  By using our Direct To Garment digital printing process, we can now print onto socks using full color designs, and get full coverage, front and back, on a pair of socks.  

We have a simple template that we can use to set up the artwork for sock printing.  This printing can accomplish simple 1 color small designs on the sides of the socks, all the way up to full color printing that will cover the entire area of the socks, front and back.  

Our DTG printer uses all water based inks, so the printing will be very soft.  Slight fading of the print after numerous washes is normal due to the polyester fabric content in most socks.  Water based inks bond well to 100% cotton, but don't bond as well to the synthetic fibers in most sock fabric blends.  

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