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Digital Printing


Another service that we like to offer is Direct To Garment (DTG) digital printing. This is a different form of printing that requires no films and screens, and thus no set-up charges. It is perfect for jobs that only require a low number of prints to be made, under the 48 print minimum for screen printing, but can also work with larger production jobs as well.  It uses 100% water based inks to provide a very soft feel, as well as being environmentally friendly. This process tends to work well with designs or photos that contain a large number of colors, and can print up to 300 dpi.  With digital printing, there is no maximum color limit like with screen printing as it prints full color CMYK.  There are some limitations though when working with the digital process. We only have capabilities of printing on light colored garments. The inks that will be used must be darker than the garment color in order for this process to look good. For pricing on the process, or any questions, please give us a call.

Digital Printing

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