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Lance Carson 9'7" Surfboard

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Here's your chance to own a piece of surf history.  The Lance Carson Classic 60's Pintail.  One of the greatest noseriders ever built.  Get so comfortable up on the nose you can eat a ham sandwich....  Turns pretty darn good too.  Lance claims its the "overall surfboard design" that makes it all work.  

This one has been surfed only once since its creation.  Zero dings, only a few pressure spots on the deck.  Comes with both fin options, including a very rare and limited edition classic 60's fin with a wood inlay.  This is a very special fin in itself.  A beautiful board that rides as timeless as it looks.  

Length: 9"7"

Width: 22 3/4"

Thickness: 3 3/8"



Note: This surfboard is available for in-store pickup or free delivery in San Diego County

Please call 760-597-8738

Surfboard Shipping Policy

The following surfboard is only availablle for pickup in our San Diego shop location.

Please call 1-760-597-8738

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