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Shaper Profile with Tyler "Pickle" Warren

Today's Shaper Profile takes us to San Juan Capistrano, California, where surfer, shaper and artist Tyler Warren resides. Whether it's canvas, paper or foam Tyler is always creating beautiful works of art with his hands. Here's a quick back and forth with Tyler. 

RHYTHM & BLUES:  What year did you start building surfboards?

TYLER: I shaped my first almost 20 years ago but would say more seriously shaping the last 10 years

Tyler Warren shaping a surfboard

RHYTHM & BLUES: What board builders and craftsmen influenced your board building today?

TYLER: Terry Martin

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite surfboard to shape?

TYLER: The next new shape that is in my head

Shaped surfboard blanks by Tyler Warren

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite surfboard to ride?

TYLER: Depends on the surf.  I ride everything from shorties to fishes to guns to logs n' gliders.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite tool?

TYLER: The Skil 100

RHYTHM & BLUES: Craziest/weirdest shaping request?

TYLER: A 9 foot Simmons

Tyler Warren shaping a surfboard

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite food?

TYLER: Mexican

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite band?

TYLER: To many to choose from...

Tyler Warren drawing

RHYTHM & BLUES: Preferred foam to work with, EPS/Poly?

TYLER:  Poly !

Big thanks to Tyler Warren for spending some time with us today! Click here if your interested in Tyler's hand drawn t-shirt designs.

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