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Shaper Profile with Eden Saul

Today's Shaper Profile connects us with another amazing surfboard building craftsmen and human, Eden Saul of Dead Kooks Surfboards. Eden spends most his time in Byron Bay, Australia to Venice Beach California collaborating and building boards with friends.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Eden, how did you get your start in the building of surfboards?

EDEN: Started shaping when I was 17, had messed around with some stuff before that but that’s when I kind of really got into it and actually made a good handful of boards.

RHYTHM & BLUES: What board builders and craftsmen influenced your board building today?

EDEN: My dad, he is a carpenter by trade, he is a meticulous craftsman and that’s something he really instilled in me.  Bob and Ben McTavish, both those guys are just insane.  Bob is always stoked and so full of knowledge and Ben just goes about his business quietly but is darn good at what he does.  Chris Christensen is always making super nice stuff, very functional always super clean and has become a good friend.  Wayne Rich, always love what Wayne puts out.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite surfboard to shape?

EDEN: Probably my little Riches RF fish, That's what I’m riding more than anything and they are fun to put together.  A blend of old and new and kind of everything that I think boards should be. Fun, fast, sensitive, a nice balance of hold and release. 

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite surfboard to ride?

EDEN: The fish I was taking about above, been hard to get off those.  And been riding a lot of big boards.  Have an 11’1 that's been hard to get off.  Super foiled out, can surf it from tail to tip and really loves to be pushed hard.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite tool?

EDEN: My Makita KP0810 

RHYTHM & BLUES: Craziest/weirdest shaping request?

EDEN: Got an email early this year that I framed and put on the wall, it was lengthy but the guy was very detailed about seeing his therapist and his very expansive use of psychedelics on land and while surfing.  He got a few boards and was super cool, was pretty all time. 

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite food?

EDEN: A good pizza is hard to turn down

RHYTHM & BLUES: Favorite band?

EDEN: Been listening to a lot of Pavement lately.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Preferred foam to work with, EPS/Poly?

EDEN: Poly, EPS makes me itchy.

I want to thank Eden for his time in allowing us to throw him a few questions his way. Follow him on Instagram @deadkooks and to inquire about custom surfboards visit Dead Kooks. Shop all available Dead Kooks products

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